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New Road Grader



Modified Sprinter van designed for efficient data & image management

Data copied with redundant backups on 10TB of RAID storage

Scratch Cine running on Octo-core Skulltrail system by Globalstore, enabling realtime playback of 4k original Red footage debayered at 2k full quality for 1k or 1080p realtime output to tape or digital media

Primary grading, crop, scale, and more on a JLCooper Spectrum control surface for precise control & speed

eCinema DCM-23 color evaluation monitor in a controlled environment permits high accuracy color timing on location

Editorial station running Final Cut Studio, with EDL conform to Scratch.

Output to disk or layoff to tape in real time, including HDCAM-SR in 4:4:4


New Consulting


Blair Paulsen has been working with his Red One Camera (serial no. 19) since the first day the camera was released in 2007.  He has worked on over 30 productions with his camera, and is familiar with every detail and quirk of this exceptional camera, including the often daunting workflow through post production.

If you have an idea for which the Red One might be the solution, utilize Blair’s expertise to help you bring it to fruition.

Alacrity Media is digital cinema acquisition with no fear and no drama.

New Production


We offer complete camera departments including top DPs

Numerous producers will tout the advantages of having a 4k Ninja on set

Video assist can be run directly from the Road Grader, or from custom carts using AJA io/HD to provide virtually any desired signal output format

On-camera downconverter to turn HDSDI into composite SD available.

New Pre Production


By involving us early in the process we can steer any production to an efficient, high quality result with NO HEADACHES.

Each project is best served by a pragmatically designed, custom workflow.

New Indie equip packages


We offer competetive rates on end-to-end image creation / delivery solutions for indie projects, including:

Pre Production


Camera Prep & Staff orientation

Road Grader with on-set data management, video assist, and editor’s seat

Continuity Check at wrap

Prep offline editorial media and same day ‘dailies’

DI with colorists Bobby Maruveda and John Tissavary

The Road Grader, a couple of 4K Ninjas, our thoroughly field-tested camera packages, attention to detail, and honest-to-goodness DI with a top colorist will make your indie feature or other production produce and look like one of the majors.

New Red Camera



Images recorded using cutting edge wavelet compression onto solid state CF cards or on board 320GB hard drive array.

PL lens mount allows the use of the best 35mm optics.
9 megapixel super35mm sized Mysterium sensor rated at 320 ASA (ISO) allows for depth of field control similar to 35mm.

Dynamic range 10 stops plus.

Assets created are scalable from big screen theatrical down to “You Tube”

4K image resolution is 9 times greater than 720P HD

RAW 12 bit linear color space allows for aggressive color grading.

Post tools can create your format of choice, from 4K DPX on down.

Quicktime proxies created in camera at .5K, 1K or 2K ready for FCP editorial with no rendering!

Camera master files can be stored on standard Firewire drives and edited in Final Cut.

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Editorial, New Blog Site Design


We’re trying out several ideas for our blog design, don’t be startled if you come back and things look a bit (or a lot) different. Until we’re all satisfied, and we’re really picky, we’ll be making these changes on a regular basis. Thanks for bearing with us…

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